Courageous – Complete Family Entertainer

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Courageous is a new upcoming movie produced by Sherwood Pictures. It is oriented on Christian drama genre and will be released on 30 September 2011. You can watch Courageous movie trailer on various video sharing websites such as YouTube. The trailers were released and has made a series impact on people. People are eagerly expecting the movie today. The movie will be the fourth venture of the production house Sherwood The film was shot in the city of Albany in Georgia.

Alex Kendrick directs the movie. Alex Kendrick and his brother Stephen Kendrick wrote the story. The movie stars the Alex Kendrick along with Kevin Downes, Ken Bevel and Tony Stallings. You can watch Courageous movie online trailers on the internet. It will give you an idea on the plot. However, continue reading this article to know more about the cast and plot of the movie.

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The movie has casted real volunteers from the Sherwood Baptist Church who incorporated with the fellow members of the Mount Zion Baptist Church. This has increased the expectation levels on the movie. You can also watch movies online.

There are options on the internet to download Courageous movie trailers and cast details. The film is set of hit the screens on September 30 2011. It is rated PG-13 as it contains few violence scenes. The movie is based on fatherhood. It revolves around four police officers who try to find out means to be a great father to their children.
The movie is about four police officers who have dedicated their lives to protect and serve their neighborhood. Due to the dangers included in their job and the difficulty they face in their job, they take a decision that changes the lives of the four police officers. These officers take the decision only when danger strikes closer to their homes. The movie is going attract people all over the world as it has drama, action, humor and love. The mainly focuses on family drama and highlights true love between father to children and children to father. This is the reason, download Courageous movie online trailers and know what the movie looks like.